Old Buildings Become New

breathing life into the building, and revitalizing the downtown

About Us

The Northeast is an area filled with the history of our nation and often that story is retained in buildings. These buildings can’t always remain as monuments to what was, but require imaginative restoration for a new life. That’s where Nelson Development Group, located in Vestal, NY, enters the picture.

NELSON DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC was founded by Bruce Nelson in 2008 for the express purpose of restoring historical buildings and adapting them for a new life. After 30 years experience in the construction field, Bruce is now focusing on this vital aspect of preserving our history with an eye to the future.

On each of these projects, we have been greatly assisted and encouraged by the communities in which the buildings are located. To show our appreciation, we have held a monthly open house during construction so neighbors and friends can see what is happening.

The challenge of each project was significant and it took a particular skill set to bring about the transformation:

  • creativity to see what could be
  • knowledge of construction bringing about restoration and efficiency for future functioning
  • willingness to invest not only financially but also with continuing effort
  • commitment to see it through to completion

And so you see, an old building can become new— breathing life into the building, and revitalizing the downtown.